The Metaverse Is the Next Big Investment Theme, According to Morgan Stanley


According to a note sent to investors on Thursday, Morgan Stanley, the largest investment bank in the world, said it believes the metaverse is the next big investment opportunity. The metaverse is an idea that allows individuals to create their own universe and do real-life tasks like buying things or gaming with others.

Companies are already attempting to create their own versions of the concept. Facebook has been renamed Meta to reflect the new focus. Microsoft will also add metaverse-themed elements into its products next year. Edward Stanley, a Morgan Stanley strategist, stated:

It can change fundamentally the way we interact with one another.

Companies Want a Piece of the Pie

Stanley said that companies are increasingly including these elements and activities in their projects. This new market trend is already generating profits for tech and gaming stocks, as well as game universes such Roblox. Stanley stressed:

The newsflow surrounding the metaverse concept is high, and companies are adopting it in increasing numbers. Companies and analysts are more interested in the metaverse theme than any other major theme.

The note acknowledged, however, that we are still at the very beginning stages of building this alternate world. Although all of these initiatives are beginning to take shape, it is still many years before the entire metaverse can be created. This will require a lot of collaboration and interoperation from companies. Users will be able to seamlessly move their avatars and experiences from one platform onto another.

Stanley also observed that the majority of companies who get into the metaverse trend are from three countries. The countries that are most focused on corporate launches and activities regarding the metaverse include the United States, China, and South Korea.