Immediate Edge Review

You were most likely contacted via email by a team of marketing salesmen who send out mass emails claiming that “you won’t believe how much you can earn in just 24 hours!” or something like that. In reality, these emails are being sent to former users of other scams or from the contact information that you signed up with on a financial website. This is called spam for a reason, it’s all trash!

Immediate Edge is a software that trades cryptocurrency automatically on your personal brokerage account. Once you sign up on the Immediate Edge scam website you’ll be linked to a broker based on your personal details and location. The brokers that work directly with Immediate Edge App scam are unregulated and therefore unsafe to use.

Can You Make $2200 Daily with Immediate Edge App?

Immediate Edge scam makes a promise that you will earn between $950 and $2200 each day while using their automated software. This is a lie and can easily be disproven just by speaking with the people that have emailed us in the last month. Nobody, not a single person, has made any profits at all with this scam.

Even worse, many of our readers have had their money held hostage by their broker. When they see that the Immediate Edge scam is losing their money, they try to take a withdrawal of their remaining funds. The broker refuses to release their money and instead demands that they place a minimum number of trades before their withdrawal can be processed. This is illegal yet quite normal for unregulated brokers to do.

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Once you deposit with any broker that accepts Immediate Edge, you’ll never see your money again due to their strict rules on withdrawing. If you attempt to meet their minimum number of trades, you’ll end up losing your money and therefore have nothing left to withdraw. We like to call these brokers the black holes of trading. They will suck all your money out. It is even quite possible for them to then sell your financial information to any of their scammer friends as part of an identity theft group.

Automated Trading

Another exciting feature of the Immediate Edge bot is that this software trades 100% by itself. Since the system is automated, anyone can use it. That is, even if you have never traded online before, or if you do not have any knowledge of the financial markets or how cryptocurrencies work, you can use the Immediate Edge Bot and succeed. It will scan the exchanges and find lucrative trading opportunities for you so you can simply sit back as the system makes money for you. The video on the homepage of the site also states that the software has been tested, tweaked, improved and is constantly being monitored. You can make up to $44,000 a month using this trading bot and a very important point that is mentioned, is that this software is currently available free of charge and it is only available to 60 people.

To make sure we don’t miss out on the opportunity to test the Immediate Edge Bot, let’s sign up.


Immediate Edge Bot Login – How to Get Started


Getting in on the trading action is easy to do. We simply visited the Immediate Edge Bot site and from the comfort of the homepage, we were able to register.

How to Register

The registration process is simple. You need to provide your first name, your last name and your email address. Once you submit this information, you will then be required to enter a password. We really liked the fact that Immediate Edge Bot takes the security and safety of their clients’ personal information so seriously. You will also need to provide your country of residence and your contact telephone number. Once this information is submitted, your Immediate Edge Bot account will be opened and activated and you will be redirected to the trading room. We also received an email confirming our registration and it also provided us with our account number and registration details.

Demo Tour

One of the features we really liked is that Immediate Edge Bot offers a demo tour of their trading platform. That is, they provide a detailed walkthrough of their platform, helping you to understand how everything works. Another feature that impressed us is that the trading platform is available in a variety of languages including English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Finnish, Polish and many more. This is a great feature as it ensures that the Immediate Edge bot caters to global users.

Fake Immediate Edge Reviews
Actually we are first to expose so we only saw one but more will follow for sure!

Does Immediate Edge really Work With All Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges?
The short and resounding answer is NO, it does not. These liars are saying it in order to make their narrative more believable but its a lie and complete fabrication. They are also using pictures of the Winklevoss twins and Bill Gates to deliver their message. Unfortunately everything is taken totally out of context and used in the most manipulative and misleading manner.

Is It Free?
Take a wild guess, you guessed it absolutely not! They will charge you at least $/£/€250 in order to get started, sometimes as much as $/£/€500. This money will be deducted from your credit card statement by the broker which was assigned to you.

Still Trust Immediate Edge App?
Don’t do it! No matter how enticing the offer may seem we have proven that Immediate Edge is a confirmed scam. If you signup we can guarantee that you will end up losing your money (and your self dignity), so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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A Few Alternatives That Work
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Now, is Immediate Edge a Scam?

The answer is yes, based on the following proof:

  • Earning $950 to $ 2 200 in a day seems to be hard to believe. Yet, it is the promise of Immediate Edge. You can check the registration page on the website. Please check the picture below.

  • Another proof is the testimonial section. It does not require a talent nor a skill to see Delilah Adams. But think about this; she is not a real person. Her image is a stolen picture from the internet. Therefore, the content of the promotional video is forged and copied. Check out the photo below that shows fake testimonials.

  • The third proof says that Immediate Edge app is zero risks which I don’t believe at all. Trading cryptocurrency always has risks. Look at the picture to see the evidence.

  • Next is the creator itself. Immediate Edge is believed to be created by Edwin James. What is so sad is that he does not exist at all working with any primary cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Check Binance, Poloniex, Kraken, and Binance and Bittrex. They never heard anything about Edwin James nor anything about Immediate Edge.

Immediate Edge maybe a scam or not based on the evidence presented. However, some reviews try to move this bot away from the blame. They are reiterating that it is the broker’s fault and not with the Immediate Edge. You cannot take away the name of the Immediate Edge because brokers are assigned after signing up and depositing to in the Immediate Edge bot.

Also, mentioning zero risks in trading cryptocurrency is such a lie. We all know that trading crypto is risky. Anyone can attest to that. Then, it claims that there is a 98.9% success rate which is an overestimation, and always impossible no matter how reliable the system is.

Read our full and investigative Immediate Edge Review before you become one of their next victims! This new scam has been operating for over two months now and has been stealing quite successfully! If you have already lost your money, make sure to contact our website and let us know what happened to you.

We have successfully helped many of our readers reclaim their lost money from scam sites if their bank is willing to work with them. Contact us for help or advice! In the meantime, please share this post on social media and with anyone you know who is trying to convince you to sign up. The only way to stop trading scams is by exposing them and bringing their lies to the front line!

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